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Lucy Burke is a singer songwriter from Sydney performing in the style of ambient acoustic pop jazz. Drawing influences from such artists as Adele, Portishead, Lana Del Ray, Billie Eilish, The Beatles and Norah Jones, Lucy Burke's music style is varied and engaging. Not one to be boxed in, her live performance range from gentle to powerful soaring vocals. 
Supported by her band, Lucy Burke has become a premier act on the local music scene. She has performed throughout Sydney at LazyBones, Venue 505, The Basement, Foundry 616 and The Vanguard to name a few. Lucy Burke was also the feature artist at The Sydney Football Stadium in 2016 after winning the Bands On Stage competition and the feature artist at The Australian Songwriters Awards in 2017 where she performed her single Leaving on a Lie. 
Lucy Burke has released three studio albums. With a love of songwriting, storytelling and recording quality music, she delights in working with industry professionals. Her debut album Botany Street (2008) was recorded at Abbey Road Studios London. Her Behaviour EP (2013) was recorded at The Wiggles Studio; and Chasing Sparks album was recorded and produced by Sean Carey, (former guitarist of Thirsty Merc) at Church Street Studios (2016).  Lucy Burke released her single Calm Before the Storm (2019) and is set to release her latest single Nighttime in May 2020. Both singles were recorded with engineer Luke Bertoz (Tales in Space, Dappled Cities), blending ambient, orchestral and electronic sounds. Listen to Nighttime here

Upcoming Shows

Wed 12 - Butchers Brew Bar, Dulwich Hill
24 Jan - Foundry 616, Ultimo
10 Jan - Pottingshed, Alexandria
3 Jan - Brass Monkey, Cronulla
15 Dec - Lazybones, Marrickville
28 Nov - Butchers Brew Bar, Dulwich Hill 
22 Nov - 1933 Boozehouse, Woolloomooloo
16 Nov - Borwal RSL, supporting Deborah Conway
15 Nov - Bvlgari, Bondi 
13 Nov - El Sol, Cronulla
3 Oct - Raw, Campsie
22 Sept - Vanguard, Single Launch
15 Aug - Valve Bar, Sydney
29 June - Foundry 616, Ultimo
9 May - Venue 505, Surry Hills
31 March - Lazybones, Marrickville
25 Feb - Lazybones, Marrickville
7 Feb - Bull and Bush, Baulkham Hills

Past Shows

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Radio Interview

Lucy Burke interviewed by Elsen Price at EastSide Radio 89.7fm on 7th Jan 2020. Lucy's discusses her single 'Calm Before The Storm,' her plans for 2020, recording at Abbey Road, and the fundraiser gig to raise funds for RFS and WIRES. Includes performance of 'Nearness of You' with Elsen Price on double bass.

Sounds of OZ

18/09/2019 - Read Full Review HERE

Lucy Burke Wows Me With “Calm Before the Storm”


One of the hardest parts about writing my blog is keeping my mouth shut about music until it’s officially released. While I love hearing music first, I’ve never been great at keeping secrets. However, with Lucy Burke’s stunning new single “Calm Before the Storm” now out on all your favourite digital platforms I can finally spill the beans.

This song is really something special. It’s dramatic and complex, and ultimately beautiful. I couldn’t help thinking about artists like Katie Noonan, Florence + The Machine, and Lana Del Rey as I listened to what Sydney-based Lucy has created here.

“It’s about embracing the unknown and confronting one’s fears,” she explained. “We all have storms to face in life. What’s important is that you rise up to face them.”

Lucy will launch “Calm Before the Storm” in front of hometown fans at The Vanguard on September 22.

Radio Interview

Lucy Burke interviewed by Greg Bryant at 100.3fm on 30 Dec 2019. Includes performance of her latest single 'Calm Before the Storm.'

27 Magazine

21/09/2019 - Read Full Review HERE

Top 5 Films with

Lucy Burke


1.     Romeo and Juliet (1996) – Yes, the Leonardo Dicaprio film. This movie spurred a 10 year obsession with Leonardo Dicaprio, inspired me to become an actress for one year, though my mother kept insisting I “stick with the music, stick with the music.” It also led to a deep love of Shakespeare.


2.     Good Will Hunting – No matter how many times it comes on, I always have to finish it. ‘It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault.’ Such a raw and emotional scene.


3.     Naked Gun – Watching it with my mum is a MUST. Her laugh at Lesley Neilson’s face just makes the film.


4.     Shawshank Redemption – So good. Enough said.


5.     28 Days Later – for the soundtrack alone! Cinematic, building, orchestral, haunting – amazing. Greatly influenced the recording of my song Calm Before the Storm.


As at home in an intimate acoustic setting as she is with full orchestration, Lucy Burke has the freedom to choose which setting best suits each song. That versatility keeps her from painting herself in a stylistic corner, she points out.

Lucy Burke chose The Vanguard to debut her latest creation for its reputation as a premier live music venue. Built specifically to showcase live music, the venue offers guests a relaxed vibe, with late-night fare and custom-crafted drinks available as they enjoy a night of fine music.

Australian Songwriters Awards

Lucy Burke's latest single 'Calm Before the Storm' was awarded third place at the Australian Songwriters Awards. 

November 2019


18/09/2019 - Read Full Review HERE

Embrace the unknown with Lucy Burke’s cinematically ethereal piece “Calm Before The Storm”

I’ve always been a sucker for songs that have this ability to just transport you away from the real world and take you somewhere magical. Getting this to happen is incredibly hard but Sydney based musician Lucy Burke seems to manage it easily in her latest cinematically ethereal single Calm Before The Storm.

The best way to describe the track is that it’s like someone took the jazzy cinematic nature of Lana Del Rey’s music and fused it with Florence Welch’s theatricality and mystical performing style, resulting in a distinct sound. The orchestral production is lush with it allowing Burke’s celestial vocal to truly soar over it and create an almost other worldly experience. Then you’ve got the poignant lyrics expressing how we must all, at some point in our lives, embrace the unknown and confront how fears head on to help us grow and become better people as a result of doing so.



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