Australian Singer And Songwriter

A Jazz Band that Matches Your Mood

When you need a new voice to add to your playlist, click on the latest release by Australian Singer and songwriter Lucy Burke, Nighttime. When working with her jazz band, they create a mellow mix of new tunes that connect with your contemporary life. Mellow tones, acoustic sounds, and a clear voice that speaks for a generation, it's the perfect addition to your Spotify and iTunes accounts. Performing in Sydney and throughout Australia, they have been steadily growing a devoted fan base with their songs and sound.

Mix Up the Playlist with an Australian Singer and Songwriter

Are your friends coming over for some food, drinks, and conversation? Pop on an album or two from Lucy Burke. Settle in for a good chat as acoustic keyboard, drums, and guitar back up her true voice and renditions of beautiful new music. Find a mix of familiar covers in her playlists, too. Are you searching for a night out on the town that won't leave you with a racing heart and beating head? Check out their appearance schedule and catch this jazz band at all the hot spots around town.

Listen to Their Top Hits on Spotify and iTunes

Once you fall in love with the sounds of Lucy Burke and her band, you will need to fill your playlists with all of her hits. As an Australian singer and songwriter, she is also available for appearances at music festivals, events, and your favourite nightclubs. Fill up your phone with tunes like Nighttime, Please Stay, and Tonight (Leaving on a Lie.) Click and download on most popular music apps today!

Are you planning a wedding or major corporate event and need an understated entertainer for the day? Click or call to request details for availability, fees, and playlists today.

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